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Wedding Engagement Celebration Suggestions

wedding engagement celebration suggestions
Wedding engagement celebration suggestions to get the excitement rolling

Wedding engagement celebration suggestions. Congrats you’re engaged, and now it’s time for some inspiring engagement celebration to get the excitement rolling.

From your engagement announcement to your engagement party and finally the wedding the next few weeks are going to have all eyes on you. So get planning and celebrating amongst family and friends with our creative ideas for something oh so you! Continue reading

Choosing your Wedding Bands and Rings

Wedding Bands and RingsChoosing your Wedding bands and rings is an essential part of wedding planning and it is important to get it right.

Your wedding ring is a symbol of your everlasting love and commitment to each other and something you will wear every day for the rest of your life, so it has to be perfect!

Our comprehensive guide will help you choose the ultimate wedding bands and rings. Continue reading

Should Your Wedding Include Cultural Traditions

Should your wedding include cultural traditions

Should your wedding include cultural traditions or not, the truly extraordinary wedding is a matrimony that showcases the rituals that are meaningful to your special relationship.

You don’t have to descend from a specific cultural background to use a cultural tradition that resonates with you. Nor do you have to engage in specific rituals and ceremonies purely because you are of a particular nationality or religious persuasion. Continue reading