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Pre-Wedding events

Wedding Engagement Celebration Suggestions

wedding engagement celebration suggestions
Wedding engagement celebration suggestions to get the excitement rolling

Wedding engagement celebration suggestions. Congrats you’re engaged, and now it’s time for some inspiring engagement celebration to get the excitement rolling.

From your engagement announcement to your engagement party and finally the wedding the next few weeks are going to have all eyes on you. So get planning and celebrating amongst family and friends with our creative ideas for something oh so you! Continue reading

Bridesmaids role before, during and after your wedding

Bridesmaids role before, during and after your weddingBridesmaids role before, during and after your wedding is all about supporting and comforting the bride at every stage of the wedding journey.

Being a bridesmaid is a wonderful honour but it is also a commitment, it is not just showing up on the wedding day and looking pretty. The bridesmaid is an integral part of the wedding, on hand to comfort, console, multi task and party at all the bridal events.

A bridesmaid should always be wearing a smile and never complain – this event it is not about you it is about the bride! Continue reading

Brides guide to Bridesmaids

Brides guide to bridesmaids
Brides guide to bridesmaids – We need to smarten up girls!

Brides guide to bridesmaids is to complement the bride and ensure the wedding day is a huge success.

Bridesmaids play a vital role in the wedding process by providing support and advice to the bride in the lead up to the wedding day. Many bridesmaids today play an active role in assisting the bride.

The history of the bridesmaid first evolved from the early Roman times where bridesmaids formed a bridal protective shield to accompany the bride on the way to the groom’s village. The role of bridesmaids varies greatly across cultures, religions and time periods. Continue reading