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Wedding Party Gift Ideas

wedding party giftWedding party gift ideas which are an expression of gratitude to the bridal party for their assistance in making your wedding an enviable success.

Gift your bridal party with more than memories, by seeking meaningful wedding party gift ideas that mirror your appreciation,whether for your bridesmaids, the groomsmen, flower girls or ring bearers. With a little consideration and creativity you are sure to impress with a unique or personalised gift. Continue reading

What should the Best Man Wear

best man wearWhat should the best man wear is a question best answered by considering his role and the overall theme of a wedding. After all, the best man is a key cog in wedding proceedings.

Entrusted with holding the wedding ring, he’s also responsible for making sure the groom gets to the ceremony, keeping the groomsmen in check, and complementing the bride and bridesmaids both through his ensemble and in his reception speech. Continue reading

Wedding Speech and Toasting Tips

Wedding speech and toasting tipsWedding speech and toasting tips help to ensure you are well prepared, reduce your nerves and be able to give an unforgettable wedding speech.

So you have been given the honour to give a wedding reception speech or toast at a close friend or family member’s wedding. A wedding is a lifetime event and celebration for a couple so it is important to provoke emotion and laughter. Continue reading

How your Bridal Party is Selected

How your bridal party is selected How your bridal party is selected for an incredible wedding experience in which you feel lovingly supported.

Selecting your bridal party will be one of the first things you do after getting engaged, and who you choose will have a lasting effect on the entire process of planning your wedding and your special day.

There are three key factors for ensuring your bridal party are as well-matched as you are to your partner. For the perfect wedding experience choose a bridal party that will support you, have fun together, and always have a contingency plan for unexpected turns. Continue reading