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Choosing an officiant to conduct your wedding ceremony

choosing an officiantWhen choosing an officiant to conduct your wedding ceremony, taking the time to explore your options really pays off.  After all, your wedding officiant is the M.C. of your wedding ceremony, and the facilitator of your marriage contract.

So it’s important that you feel comfortable around them and they will reflect and enhance the vibe for your nuptials. Continue reading

Confetti Alternatives For Your Wedding

confetti alternativesIt’s essential to look into confetti alternatives for your wedding as more venues no longer permit confetti if you want that “confetti shot” to complete your wedding album.

This Roman tradition that once involved throwing grains or flowers to symbolise fertility and prosperity, is experiencing a resurgence that is anything but traditional. Things like eco-friendliness, wedding themes, and colourfastness now govern choosing creative exit toss ideas. Continue reading

Same Sex Ceremony Suggestions

same sex ceremony suggestionsFeel understood and be inspired with our same sex ceremony suggestions that celebrate your love. Make a promise to commit to one another and share your lives together with those whom are important to you.

Same Sex Ceremony Options

Honour your relationship and commitment to one another by having a commitment ceremony conducted by a civil servant. Although these are not currently legally binding ceremonies, they are a step many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) couples choose to take on their path of intertwining their love and shared futures. Continue reading

Unique Wedding Theme Ideas

Unique wedding theme ideasUnique wedding theme ideas make you stand out from the crowd. Do not be discouraged to do things differently as your wedding will remain a long memorable occasion for your family and friends who attend.

Delve beyond the rustic, traditional, and beach weddings. Then side-step the garden, vintage and destination wedding themes, into a wedding theme that truly represents your relationship. Continue reading

Unique Wedding Decoration Ideas

Unique wedding decoration ideas Apply unique wedding decoration ideas to personalise your wedding and leave your guests speechless.

Flowers, fairy lights and buntings, make any event look festive, but discover how to personalise your wedding decorations for a more innovative and unforgettable wedding affair. Let your selections be influenced by the location of your ceremony and reception as well as your wedding theme.

Unique wedding decoration ideas may be simple or complex, money-saving or expensive. They are unique though because they are either: not often used, they’re very personal, or they manipulate traditional items or decorations in a refreshing, ingenious manner. Continue reading