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Tips to Enjoy Your Wedding

tips to enjoy your weddingYou’ve been planning your little heart out and your big day is finally near, keep your dream day a dream with our tips to enjoy your wedding.

Discover how to release control and get into the mind space where you can let things go.

Most likely when things go wrong it will only be you that notices, so keep perspective, savour every special moment, and remember at the end of the day you’ll be married to your chosen one.

Here are our Best Tips to Enjoy Your Wedding…

1. Assign someone else to be in charge.

Nothing kills the zen of your wedding than having to trouble shoot and boss others around on your big day. If you don’t have a wedding coordinator, seriously consider hiring a day-of coordinator.

Alternatively, are there any guests or associates you know who you could put in charge to trust making decisions, problem solving, running interference, and making sure everyone sticks to the schedule?

Similarly, take advantage of your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Make sure they are clear about how you would like them to assist you during the day, including any specific tasks. Just remember to thank them for it!

Top Tip: A fabulous idea is having a secret visual code for any of your bridal party to rescue you from long winded guests.

2. Get a good night’s sleep.

Whether it’s alone, rooming with your bestie, or snuggling with your husband to be, choose to spend your last single night as you wish.

Just make sure it’s a stress-free early night that will leave you waking refreshed. If you’re so nervous or excited you can’t sleep, don’t worry. The body still rests and rejuvenates itself somewhat while lying down and relaxing.

3. The morning of.

  Give yourself plenty of time to get ready.

  Have a pre-prepared play list ready to go while getting ready with your bridal party or groomsmen. Music can be extremely calming, as well as to help get you pumped and ready to go.

  Organise a ‘Day-Of’ bag for your maid of honour and/or mother and/or day of coordinator to keep with them for all those knick knacks and emergency essentials.

  Make sure you’re wearing something that can be unbuttoned (rather than over your head) while getting your hair and makeup done. Men’s business shirts or dainty bathrobes are perfect!

 4. Don’t forget relaxation exercises.

Starting the day with some yoga or meditation can really put you into the right space of mind for your dream day. If that’s not your thing however, don’t underestimate the power of doing a few little deep breaths, neck and hand stretches to calm you down – particularly before walking down the aisle!

5. Make time for food.

You never know when you’ll get to eat during your wedding day, so it’s important to start the day off right.

  Regardless of whether you’re trying to squeeze into that dress, make sure you eat a breakfast that will give you long lasting energy like proteins and complex carbohydrates.

  Make sure some small snacks make their way into your ‘day-of’ bag.

  Consider having a pre-organised quick bite to eat after your photos and before you enter the reception.

  Give yourselves 5 minutes to actually sit and eat something during your reception. Assign one of the groomsmen to keep any well wishers away during this time.

6. Limit your alcohol intake.

tips to enjoy your wedding
Tips to enjoy your wedding – Give yourself plenty of time to get ready…

A calming nip before the ceremony, a celebratory champagne toast during the reception and a few wines to prepare you for that first dance are all okay.

Just make sure you’re pacing yourself and try a glass of water between drinks to ensure your wedding really is a day you’ll remember for the rest of your lives (and for all the right reasons).

 7. Get your shoes sorted early.

Spend long periods of time wearing your shoes before your wedding day so you can pre-empt any blisters or sore feet. A pair of flats in your ‘day-of’ bag for the reception is never wasted space!

8. Sneak special moments alone with your partner.

Whether you decide to take a few selfies, blank out everyone else in the room, or hide-out watching everyone else in the revelry; steal moments (and seconds they may literally be) throughout the day to hold hands or eye contact and breathe in what’s going around you, or just each other.

9. Parents & grandparents.

Many parents and grandparents have been waiting for this day for a long time. If they’re just as excited as you are, indulge them and save a special moment to share with each of them during your day.

It may be 5 minutes in bed when you wake up, the hug/pep talk before you walk down the aisle, or a special dance. They’ll cherish these moments as the years pass on and hopefully you will too.

Summarising Tips to Enjoy Your Wedding

Keep perspective by savouring every special moment, letting go, and remembering that at the end of the day you’ll be married!

You’ve been planning your little heart out and your big day is finally near, keep your dream day a dream with our tips to enjoy your wedding.



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  1. Tips to enjoy your wedding. Relax and savour your day by using Sue’s years of experience to coordinate your wedding day…

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