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Smart ways to save money on your wedding

smart ways to save money on your weddingWith the average wedding cost currently around $65,000, it’s essential to arm yourself with smart ways to save money on your wedding.

Our expert advice from top wedding co-ordinators and savvy newlyweds will help you avoid the trap of cutting costs willy nilly. Make your perfect wedding a reality by saving costs on things that won’t compromise your dream.

Here are Smart ways to Save Money on your Wedding…

No 1 Warning every wedding co-ordinator and past bride agrees on

Beware DIY!

The most common mistake in wedding planning is to reduce costs by doing as much as possible yourself. DIY for saving cents and adding a personal touch can work out, but there’s a smart way to tackle it to ensure DIY success:

  1. Only choose things to DIY that you or someone you can 100% rely on are: good at, enjoy doing, and have time to complete.
  2. Alternatively, save time and get something unique without the price-tag by not starting from scratch! Purchase generic or standard items that aren’t marketed as wedding items, and simply embellish or customize them yourselves.

This could mean a cake from your local bakery, a dress from Zara, standard printed invites, and many more money saving yet personal alternatives.

Save money with your wedding date

By now it’s pretty much common knowledge that not getting married on a Saturday can save you thousands of dollars. Likewise, choosing not to get married during peak-season will also find you making big savings. But what do you do if you really don’t want to get married when it’s 10 degrees outside?smart ways to save money on your wedding

  • Aim to book in the week before peak season starts, or after it finishes.
  • Get married somewhere with warmer climates, where the weather can be more mild even during the off-season. Find out more about Noosa’s fantastic weather in every season here.

In fact, the average cost of a honeymoon is $8,387. With many accommodation options offering generous packages the longer you stay, a destination wedding to a warmer climate where you can stay on to celebrate your honeymoon is becoming a popular wedding choice.

Ultimate money saving venue ideas

The average wedding ceremony & reception in Australia costs $21,800. Here’s some venue choices guaranteed to positively effect your budget:

  • Save big money by choosing a venue(s) outside capital cities.
  • Make the most of mother nature by choosing stunning venues that require very little decoration (saving you time not having to find and put up said decorations also).
  • Choose venues that offer customizable wedding packages – so you’re not paying for services or items you don’t need.

How to choose your wedding food and drink wisely

River Deck, like any good restaurant, has a number of food and wine packages available to ensure you can save money at your reception where you need to.

Top insight they use includes:

  • Avoid sit-down dinners.
  • Stick to beer and wine with one signature cocktail on arrival.
  • Combine your ceremony and reception in the one location.
  • Use a dessert you like in lieu of wedding cake, or fake a multi-tiered cake with only the top layer being edible.

Money saving décor ideas

  • Borrow or hire décor where possible (some venues offer this).
  • Scour markets, garage sales, op shops and closing down sales for special pieces.
  • Get creative with alternatives to flowers. Our 2 favourites are using green foliage instead of flowers and bridesmaids holding a lantern rather than bouquets.

Wedding outfit know how

The average cost of a bride’s outfit is $3,095, with grooms at $800 and the bridal party at $5,334.

See How to Buy Your Wedding Dress For Less for tips to save on your wedding dress and remember, most bridesmaids and groomsmen are more than happy to pay for their own wedding outfit when they have a choice in what they get to wear.

Additionally, the average cost of engagement & wedding rings is $9,977. So many modern couples are now skipping wedding rings altogether, and instead opting for stylish ring tattoos. Not only are they a more permanent reminder of your commitment; they don’t have to be taken off for those who work in careers where jewelry is an encumbrance.

Reduce your photography costs

With the average cost of Photography / Videography being $5,689. We recommend:smart ways to save money on your wedding

  • Have your own photobooth. more here
  • Create a facebook ‘Moments’ event for your wedding so guests can take photos on their mobiles and share them with you.
  • Take the photobook out of your photography package. Creating them is incredibly time-consuming. With so many easy to use photo-book makers today, it’s a beautiful activity for newlyweds to do together (plus you can include some of your guest’s candid photos too)!

Save money on your wedding purchases

  • You’re going to be making lots of purchases so investigate credit or debit cards with incentives for making purchases.
  • Sell as much as you can after the wedding. If garage sales and e-bay scare you, assign it to an experienced young relative or friend giving them a cut of the profits.

Summarising Smart ways to Save Money on your Wedding

For more money saving ideas check out 25 Ways to Save Money On Your Wedding, and remember, with the average wedding cost currently around $65,000, it’s essential to arm yourself with smart ways to save money on your wedding. 






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