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Ideas to personalise your wedding

personalise your weddingUnique ideas to personalise your wedding can make a little mean a lot in life’s most personal celebration. With planning and a little creativity, unforgettable memories can be affordable and easy to achieve.

Personal weddings are about:

  • Individualizing things for your guests to make them feel valued, Shaking up traditions to reflect what’s important to you
  • Keeping traditions that celebrate the people who’ve influenced your relationship and views on relationships,
  • Making a space uniquely you

Following are our favourite personal wedding ideas we’ve gathered. They’re thoughtful and personal gems that reflect not only the couple’s relationship but also their relationship with their guests.

Our 21 Top Tips to personalise your wedding…

1 Thoughtful Personalized Wedding Decorations and Stationery

2 Maintain your wedding theme and a cohesive look by sticking to 2 main colours with 2-3 accent colours and fonts throughout your decorations and stationery. Combine imagery, textures and patterns that reflect the vibe you want for your special day.

3 A lot of couples create a monogram or motif that they use throughout their wedding. Some love their monogram so much they go on to use it for their linen at home!

4 Frame a significant quote at the entry to your ceremony and reception.

5 Turn your wedding program into an object your guests will appreciate (like a fan), and personalise it with fun facts about your relationship.

6 On the back of your place cards have tid bits of information about the guests surrounding that guest that they can use as icebreakers.

7 Personalize your guest book with formats that help suggest ideas to guests of how to leave personal comments. For example, using a dictionary that guests can circle words and make notes about words that remind them of you and marriage.

8 How to Personalise your Wedding Entertainment & Proceedings

9 You may consider having welcome drinks and mingling while waiting for the bride to arrive. These following ideas however can be used during any part of your wedding day.

10 Screen a slide show before the ceremony featuring your journey as a couple including family and friends. It is a unique way to entertain your guests while they are waiting for the bride to arrive.

11 Choose mingling games (like croquet, cricket, lawn bowls) that you yourselves actually LOVE to play or are significant to you. For the extra personal touch you could even film a sweet or funny demonstration video of you two playing it together.

12 Offer guests the opportunity to select music to be played.

13 Teach guests a few quick dance moves that they can use throughout the day for dancing and even photos.

personalise your wedding
Personalise your wedding to create unforgettable memories

14 Forgo readings and speeches instead asking close family and friends to simply share something special from their heart.

15 Write your own wedding vows for the ultimate personalization of your commitment to one another. For some tips on writing vows visit here.

16 Ultimate Awww Moment: feature all the married couples dancing together, then one by one quietly ask couples to leave the floor dependent on the number of years they’ve been married, until the couple that’s been married the longest remains.

Creative On-trend Wedding Attire Ideas

Many weddings overlook the groom and staff when it comes to on-theme wedding attire. Here’s our recommendation:

17 Dress staff in relevant attire that will still make them easily identifiable to your guests. This may include your wedding officiant and wedding coordinator. For example if you’re having a superhero theme the staff might all wear capes or masks, for a beach theme they might wear a shell necklaces or a lei.

18 Reflect the groom’s style and personality through small details like novel cufflinks, funky bow ties and socks.

19 Personalised Wedding Flowers with Significance

We recommend: Choosing your wedding flowers based on their meaning rather than pure look or availability, have significant guests each hand you a unique flower to make up your bouquet as you walk down the aisle, and rather than throwing the bouquet, take apart your wedding bouquet and gift each single lady their own keepsake flower.

20 Wedding Favours that Wow

Guests always highly appreciate either welcome boxes or hangover kits that include a well thought out selection of items your guests may need throughout and after your wedding. These may be generic or personalized. Ideas for filling them include:

  • Panadol, sleeping mask, water, vitamins, mints and snacks etc.
  • An engraved business card holder that has the guest’s table number inside
  • Some seeds – for guests to plant. Ask them to take pics of it as it grows and send to you on your anniversary.

21 Personlising your Wedding Food Favourites

Food is another big area where you can really personalise your wedding. It’s pretty self-explanatory though so we’ll leave that one to you and your venue. But we will say signature cocktails and/or mocktails are always a hit!

Summarising ideas to personalise your wedding

With planning and a little creativity, unforgettable memories can be affordable and easy to achieve. Reflect not only your relationship but also your relationship with your guests. These unique ideas to personalise your wedding can make a little mean a lot in life’s most personal celebration.


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