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Confetti Alternatives For Your Wedding

confetti alternativesIt’s essential to look into confetti alternatives for your wedding as more venues no longer permit confetti if you want that “confetti shot” to complete your wedding album.

This Roman tradition that once involved throwing grains or flowers to symbolise fertility and prosperity, is experiencing a resurgence that is anything but traditional. Things like eco-friendliness, wedding themes, and colourfastness now govern choosing creative exit toss ideas.

4 Questions to consider before choosing a confetti alternative

  1. Where is your ceremony and/or reception taking place?

You must check what your venue allows, and if the wedding is taking place outside, you should consider the impact of your confetti on the local wildlife

2. How many guests will be attending?

Hand crafted or expensive confetti alternatives are not practical if having a large number of guests.

3. Is there a cultural confetti tradition or confetti alternative relevant to the theme of your wedding?

4. Are you concerned about staining your dress?

Current Creative Confetti Alternatives…

Food Confetti Alternatives

  • Rice
  • Coconut
  • Popcorn
  • Hundreds and thousands
  • Lentils

Rice has been used in celebration at weddings for hundreds and hundreds of years. It can be a little hard though. Coconut is one of the best new alternative confetti options, as unlike most others it won’t stain your wedding attire, plus it looks like snow, and smells delicious!

Eco-friendly Confetti Alternatives

  • Lavender seeds (or other dried flowers)
  • Herbs like Rosemary
  • Roses
  • Dried leaves
  • Bird seed
  • Ecofetti (biodegradeable non-harmful paper confetti)

Some of these alternatives (like the roses) can be a bit more luxurious and often require more thought about how they’ll be thrown. The benefit is that they don’t need to cleaned up if used outside, which will save you time and money.

Confetti Alternatives for Night Time

  • Sparklers
  • Glow sticks

Light up the night sky and get some truly amazing wedding photos with confetti alternatives that can be lit or glow in the dark. They’ll win over adults and children alike.

Fun Confetti Alternativesconfetti alternatives

  • Glitter
  • Metallic foil stars and sequins
  • Blowing Bubbles
  • Helium filled balloons
  • Twirling ribbons (easy DIY – 50cm to 1m lengths)
  • Streamers
  • Flags
  • Small bells
  • Cap guns
  • Pom Poms

These glamorous tweaks on tradition are well suited to weddings that have strong themes. Bubbles are a personal favourite (check first they won’t stain your bridal gown), while the flags can also be used as decoration and the twirling ribbons as lasting entertainment for any children present.

Paper Confetti Alternatives

  • Paper airoplanes – could get guests to write notes on them while waiting for the bride to arrive, and collect them at the end and compile to give to the bride
  • Special paper confetti – like music paper love hearts

Stores like Etsy now feature a range of beautiful alternatives to the traditional paper confetti that may stain your clothes. You can now find gorgeous shapes and paper texture variations online.

Paper aeroplanes are a relatively recent addition. You could ask guests to write a message or blessing to the bride and groom on the planes while waiting for the bride to arrive. This enables your guests to literally be throwing blessings on you, it’s a really special and thoughtful confetti alternative.

Creature Confetti Alternatives

An increasingly popular trend recently is releasing creatures – like doves or butterflies – into the sky (in lieu of any confetti).

This has a stunning effect; just remember to consult with a professional.

Must read tips for throwing confetti at a wedding

  1. Don’t forget to include instructions – like “when the bride and groom pass your way, throw confetti and say hooray!”
  2. Don’t limit yourself to throwing confetti at the end of your ceremony. Releasing a confetti alternative as the bride walks down the aisle can have a breathtaking effect, and don’t forget about leaving the reception.
  3. You can decorate standard confetti canons or cones with paper, fabric or trim that matches your other wedding stationary and theme.
  4. Check-out one of the many DIY ideas and online templates for making your own confetti throwers, confetti cannons, confetti cones and confetti poppers.
  5. Trawl blogs like Style Me Pretty for confetti photos that you can show to your wedding photographer to inspire them on your special day.

Summarising Confetti Alternatives for your Wedding

A “confetti shot” completes your wedding album, but with more venues no longer permitting confetti, it’s essential to look into confetti alternatives for your wedding.



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