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Same Sex Ceremony Suggestions

same sex ceremony suggestionsFeel understood and be inspired with our same sex ceremony suggestions that celebrate your love. Make a promise to commit to one another and share your lives together with those whom are important to you.

Same Sex Ceremony Options

Honour your relationship and commitment to one another by having a commitment ceremony conducted by a civil servant. Although these are not currently legally binding ceremonies, they are a step many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) couples choose to take on their path of intertwining their love and shared futures.

In order to obtain some basic recognised forms of equal rights in a committed relationship, some LGBT couples choose to also register with a relationship register. These are available in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania, and a Domestic Partnership Agreement in South Australia. Holding an unofficial commitment ceremony after registration is an increasingly popular occurrence.

If you or your partner currently reside in the ACT however, you are also able to enter into a legally recognized Civil Union.

Whether you partake in a commitment ceremony, a relationship registration, or a civil union, it is important to celebrate this milestone in your joined journeys with those that matter to you most.

7 Top Tips for Planning Same Sex Ceremonies

Although much of the planning of a same sex ceremony and reception is similar to that of a heterosexual wedding, there are slight differences to consider for an amazing day of both your dreams.

Many elements of heterosexual weddings will inform your ceremony and reception proceedings, but it is totally acceptable to remove any outdated gender stereotypes that are not a reflection of your relationship. For many guests though this might be their first experience of a same sex commitment, so you will need to be clear about your heteronormative expectations (meaning here).

Whether you decide to celebrate your differences or similarities is totally up to you, just make it obvious and reflective of your true relationship…

1. Have clear instructions on ceremony and reception seating, and provide a service or celebration program so guests know what to expect.

2. Choose an experienced LGBT friendly coordinator and venue such as River Deck, that can share their insider knowledge and experience with you. They can help you provide a list of LGBT friendly venues and services for guests from out-of-town. After all, Noosa is a magnificent location to celebrate a commitment of love, that is as welcoming as it is beautiful.same sex ceremony suggestions

3. Political, religious and personal views may be heightened at same sex ceremonies. Counteract this by having a loose plan of attack for your reception seating arrangement before you receive all your RSVPs. Also, invite guests who are going to make you feel comfortable, supported and celebrate with you. It is better to deal with family political pressure around your special day then on it.

4. Plan a special date to discuss whether you want to walk down the aisle together, separately, and if you’d like anyone to accompany you, as this can be one of the most intimate and emotional aspects of your day.

5. Keep the bridal party roles that fit your needs and friends, and eliminate those that aren’t relevant to you. Remember there are no longer hard and fast rules, and its often seen as refreshing when these typical gender roles are shaken up.

6. Be inspired by the many available LGBT ceremony and vow scripts on the internet. But always be sure to check with your civil servant or wedding co-ordinator for ideas and requirements.

7. Don’t let other’s expectations dictate your choice of dress. Choose your outfits based on what you feel most comfortable in, or have always dreamed of wearing.

Trending Same Sex Ceremony Suggestions

Whether you want to make your celebration a statement about LGBT pride and equality, or you simply want to devote yourself to the love of your life, the following are suggestions currently trending in same sex weddings that may inspire regardless.

Have guests donate to organisations that support the rights of the LGBT community in lieu of presents.

Celebrate those who are not there with you but have affected your relationship. This may be as simple as lighting candles for your loved ones who have passed, or reciting quotes from mentors who exemplify your feelings about commitment.

Keep things light with a dash of humour, such as this quote from lesbian Jewish comedian Lynn Lavner, “The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals.  That doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love heterosexuals.  It’s just that they need more supervision.”

same sex ceremony suggestionsDon’t forget you can adapt religious traditions or ceremonial traditions from all around the world.

Lastly, LGBT friendly wedding cake toppers such as two brides, two grooms, or two animals (think birds forming a loveheart with their beaks) are considered kitsch cute!

For more inspiration check out these same sex wedding blogs from equalli.com

Summarising Same Sex Ceremony Suggestions

Whether celebrating your similarities or differences, stay true to your relationship and surround yourself with guests that are meaningful and supportive of you. Feel understood and be inspired with our same sex ceremony suggestions that celebrate your love.



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  1. Same sex celebrations are much more common today.
    Whether you partake in a commitment ceremony, a relationship registration, or a civil union, it is important to celebrate this milestone in your joined journeys with those that matter to you most.

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